Eliminate Backend Regressions.

Snowmate’s disruptive technology finds backend bugs fully automatically, at the earliest stages of the development cycle.
No AI, no magic-tricks, but pure deep-tech only.

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Fix Your DORA Metrics

By finding bugs early and preventing prolonged exchanges between your developers and Nightly-Runs / QA, Snowmate improves velocity and your DORA's Lead Time for Changes (LT) and Change Failure Rate (CFR) by up to 70%.

Eliminate Backend Regressions

By utilizing advanced dynamic analysis technology and continuously monitoring your software's behavior over time, Snowmate effectively eliminates functional regressions entirely. Think of it as 100% coverage on steroids.

Easy Installation, Early Detection

With Snowmate, bug alerts land in pull requests before merging. Snowmate is a Plug & Play tool. One Snowmate installation ensures automatic alerts for all developers.

Integrates With Your Favorite Git Provider

Snowmate integrates with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure Repos. Regardless of the Git provider you use, Snowmate ensures that all pull requests are bug-free.

Automatically Skyrocket Your

Snowmate finds bugs by automatically generating & maintaining invisible no-code tests in the background based on your software's behavior; Achieving a remarkably high code coverage.

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